Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Puducherry govt too to take over cable TV biz

Puducherry government today said it would consider taking over the cable television services to protect interests of subscribers by floating a corporation to render the service.

The government would also study the modalities to be adopted to provide the services through the corporation, Chief Minister N Rangasamy told the territorial assembly replying to questions from members.

Details on introducing the system had been sought from the government in neighbouring Tamil Nadu where the DMK government has floated the state-owned "Arasu Corporation" to provide cable services.

A Anbalagan (AIADMK) accused the government of not effectively collecting tax from cable tv operators and hence private players were enjoying. He wanted the government to take over cable television services.

CPI and DMK members asked the government to ensure that the government took over the services through a corporation as was done in Tamil Nadu.

Source:Economic times

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

‘Prayer for Peace’ held in Puducherry by Tibetan Monks:

On Thursday 24th April, The Tibetan Solidarity Committee(TSC) from Karnataka held a prayer meeting in Puducherry, nearby Mahatma Gandhi statue on the beach road. A group of 50 monks associated with the Committee chanted prayers, by holding candles in hands for more than a couple of hours from 5 pm. This prayer was held as an appeal to the United Nations and the International Community to inquire the ongoing restless civil condition in Tibet.

The group also raised slogans and banners carrying the quote “persecution of Innocent”( Tibetans should be stopped immediately). The Committee urged for the release of all those imprisoned in Tibet and must be given medical assistance to the injured, after the restless condition.

I guess the Tibetan monks would have thought the spiritual gravity of Puducherry would help their cause of peaceful Tibet to organize their prayer meeting in Puducherry. I strongly believe none of the selfless prayers are unheared by GOD.

15th International Yoga Festival Puducherry Videos, January 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Puducherry International Yoga Festival Ad Campaigns

Great Yoga postures! Excellent casual poses by Yogis and Yoginis. Government of Pondicherry has been conducting various colorful festivals throughout the year on several occasions. International yoga Festival is held by Puducherry Government since 1993, almost for 18 years, which is considered one of the famous festival celebrated in Pondicherry that embark the tradition as well as Puducherry.

Generally in the first week of January (4th Jan – 7th Jan) the festival is celebrated attracting people from not only from India but from all over the world. These pictures are used for the campaign made by JWT India for The International Yoga Festival January 2008. The campaign impressed many and turned head who haven't gave a try to yoga.

The main aim of this International Yoga Festival in Puducherry is to spread the awareness among the young generations the usefulness of practicing yoga. Actually to say, I was out of station on the particular occasion so I couldn’t have the chance of participating in the yoga program. Let me fix some nice well- planned schedule for January 2009...hope I never miss this beautiful festival again next year. Let me catch you guys there!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Give 'Measles Vaccination Programme' a Break...Puducherry Govt New Words

On Friday April 25, 2008, The Puducherry Government has suspended the measles vaccination programme in the Union Territory for the next 2 weeks.

Heart-breaking news of four infants death due to the the vaccine shots in neighbouring Tamil Nadu made Govt to take this step as a precautionary measure.

This unbelievable and careless lead disaster incident happened in Katchur Primary Health Centre in Poondi Panchayat union of Tiruvallur District.

Health Minister E Valsaraj announced this in response to a mention by AIADMK member A Anbalagan in the territorial assembly. He also added "We have been getting our supplies from Serum Institute of India, Pune. However, the samples of the vials with the health department here had been sent for tests".

Saturday, April 26, 2008

SEZ for Puducherry to go on stream in two months

The Special Economic Zone evolved for Puducherry would go on stream in two months, for which 309 hectares had been acquired in Sedarapet and Karasur villages near here, according to Industries Minister V Vaithilingam.

The SEZ would promote multi product manufacturing and production activities, he said while referring to members' views on the issue during a debate in the assembly.

He said the administration had disbursed Rs 36 crore as compensation for acquistion of lands. The government was abiding by the Centre`s directives in establishing the SEZ without deviating from it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gandhi Statue in Puducherry Beach

Gandhi statue stands immaculately in the beach road of Puducherry (previously Pondicherry). The place is considered as one of the hottest places of Puducherry.

You can see how people hang around Gandhi Statue and to say, personally I have felt that place has been a landmark and junction to meet my friends. At least I would meet a friend when I normally cross this place at my evening walks.

Side angle view of the statue...looks pretty good. Incredible destination to visit.