Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Shopping Culture in Puducherry!

Puducherry is just booming with new-comers in all the fields. One such field is the flourishing Supermarkets, Cost Price shops or whatever name we give them.
Before some years, I use to wonder at my Mom and Dad about the budget plan they use to make on every end of the month. My mom reads out a big list of items needed for the whole month, whereas, my dad calculates the money for all the items. He takes with him two huge bags and rushes to the nearby grocery shop with the list and after a very big struggle for 2 hours, he returns home with the filled in bags. My Mom’s face shrinks a little because of the low quality product for which she fears that it would affect our health. But, a drastic change had occurred nowadays in my home. There is no list making nowadays, my Mom gets money from my Dad and hires an auto rickshaw nearby my home to the super market and returns within a few minutes with the very good quality products. I’m just awestruck and jumped out of my chair and enquired Mom about this new wonder at my home, and she explained me about the Supermarket. Out of interest, I myself went down town to get the glimpse of the Supermarkets in and around Puducherry. Gone are the days, we wait nearby the Petty-shops and grocery shops to buy groceries. Now, in my own experience to the Supermarkets that gives a relaxed shopping experience is just highlighted in my blog on Supermarkets.
Puducherry has the most popular shopping malls such as Nilgiris, Spencer’s Daily, Vijayaganapathey Stores, Aditya Birla Retail Limited and much more. The Supermarkets gives all the women a stress-free shopping experience in a closet where they could afford a wide variety of things under one roof. We need not wander about for each and every item that’s needed for our daily use, now we could easily get everything we need in the Supermarkets. Starting from a Vegetable to the Cookeries, we could get all the varieties from the Supermarkets.
The super markets also offer discounts on wholesale and retail purchases. The customer service team is excellent in all the Supermarkets; they are customer- friendly and helps us during our purchase. Super markets are not only meant for the home-makers and the women who heads the family, but it is available for everyone. Young girls too prefer these shops to buy Cosmetics and gift items; they get a nice place to chit-chat with their friends and also buy the things they need. Kids are very much interested in going around the mall and they love watching the colorful packs which is arranged in the racks and they like the trolleys which they watch like a wondrous thing, they drag the trolleys here and there and make a wide noise in these shops. It’s a good entertainment during our shopping. Refreshments like Ice- creams, Fruit juices and Pop- corns are also available to refresh us after shopping.
Many such super markets are mushrooming in Puducherry. N.Vaithianathan, spokesperson for Retail Smart Enterprises, the franchisee holder for Nilgiris says that they assessed areas such as Lawspet, Thattanchavady, Nellithope and Reddiarpalayam, and decided to cater the customers there by forming new Supermarkets over there, who, till now, had to travel to the city for their purchases.
Do you know the motto of the Supermarkets, yes, it is this, “Shop with us and get a great experience of comfort”. Are you still bargaining with the vegetable vendors and in the grocery shops, just stop and shop in the Supermarkets with fewer burden. Have a wonderful shopping experience in Puducherry!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Cipahi Company & Pondicherry Armed Police

The Pondicherry armed police may be described as the continuation of the Cipahi Company of the French days. The Cipahi company, prior to the merger, consists of 283 men of all ranks including technicians such as masons, carpenters, musicians, cobblers, electricians, cooks, etc. The strength of this company gradually dwindled on the account of retirement, death, resignation, etc. The strength came down to 145 in 1960, 117 in 1962 and nil in 1969. It wound up in 1970 by absorbing the remaining strength in Police force.
Soon after the merger, one company of the Malabar Special Police was brought and stationed in the territory to perform the duties of the Cipahi Company. It was decided to organize the Pondicherry armed Police by gradually replacing the Cipahi Company in the territory. According to the first batch of the Pondicherry armed Police consisting of the five jamendars, 145 police constables and four followers was formed in the year 1956 and was trained by the instructors drawn from the Malabar special police. The Malabar special police stationed in the territory was withdrawn with the effect from 31st January 1967 and replaced by the Pondicherry armed police.
The Pondicherry armed police which assisted the local police in maintaining law and order in times of emergency and disturbances, attended to guard duties and special security duties until the Central reserve police took over the functions with the effect from 24th May 1969. So, I am very glad to say you all know about the changes that occurred from the Cipahi Company to Pondicherry armed Police through my blog.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Few Facts About a Historical School: Calve College

I often wonder at the majestic building of the Calve College that is situated at the Mission Street. The higher secondary school has stories for generations together. It has taught children for centuries together. I have heard pleasant memories from my Grandfather and my dad about their days in the school. This prompted me search for the history of this historical landmark. The following words takes you back to the 19th century i.e to the culmination of the school and it tells you about its progress.
College clave was opened in 1875 by Calve Soupraya Chettiar for the education of the Hindus. To begin with, it functioned as a private grant in-aid school from 1875 to 1877. The arĂȘte of 2nd May 1877 placed it under the public management. It was managed for some time by the members of the congregation i.e from 1877 to 1880. An English section was opened in1880 to prepare students for the Matriculation examination of the Madras University. In accordance with the terms of an agreement signed on 24th January 1185, the heirs of the Calve Soupraya Chettiar gave away the institution to the government. The school was then upgraded into an upper primary school and thrown open to all people.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pondicherry Cultivating Tenants Protection Act of 1970

This act was brought into force on 10th April 1971 and the provisions of this act were made applicable only to Pondicherry, Karaikal and Yanam regions. Relevant rules were framed under the act and they were notified on 17th May 1971. The act provided protection to tenants from the eviction of landlords. This protection was not, however, available to those tenants who were in arrears of rent which occurred after 21st March 1970, to those who were guilty of any negligent or injurious act to the land or crop, to those who had diverted the land to non-agricultural use and to those who denied the title of landlord. Besides laying down the procedure for regulating surrenders and abandonment of tenancy the act also provided for the restoration, on application to the revenue court of the tenant who was actually in possession of land on 1st December 1969 but was not in possession of it at the commencement of this act. The act, nonetheless, protects the right of the landlord to resume to personal cultivation, land not exceeding one half of the land leased out to cultivating tenant, although he cannot do so, if the land he owns exceeds 5 1/3 hectares of wet lands, or when he is assessed to sales tax during 1967-68 or holds land as tenant of wet land exceeding two hectares.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Interesting Facts on an Age-old Social Organization in Puducherry

The Societe Progressiste de l’Inde Francaise was started on 2nd March 1880 for the avowed purpose of popularizing the French Language and culture. It played an important role in educational advancements. It was through the efforts of this Societe that the upper primary education and teacher training courses were introduced in Calve College. It made some monetary contributions to the educational projects sponsored by the administration. A school was also opened in its premises. Scholarships were awarded to the deserving students for pursuing their studies.

In 1904, the school had to be closed down for the want of resources. However it was reopened in 1921, thanks to the donation of Rs.5000 given by T.S.N. Nannaya Bagavathar, a leading merchant of the town. The Societe utilized the income derived from the investment of about 30,000 and the rent from a building owned by it for carrying on its activities. An executive committee managed the accounts of this Societe.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Know the Facts on the Fire Service of Puducherry

The Cipahi company was in charge of fire fighting from the year 1933. Proposals for starting fire service stations in Pondicherry and Karaikal took concrete shape only during 1956. To begin with, two station officers were recruited locally and sent for training at the National Fire Service college, Rampur. At present the fire service functions as a branch of the Inspector General of Police, with the IGP as the director of the fire services. The Assistant Divisional Fire officer is directly in charge of the fire services.
Proposals for the opening of the new fire station with a pump escape at Dhanvantrinagar and for providing one large fire engine as reserve and one ambulance for Pondicherry and one small fire engine for Karaikal fire station were approved in 1966. The same year, the Pondicherry fire station was shifted from Mangir Barracks to Godowns No.8 and 9 in the South Boulevard taken on rent. Static tanks required for the pupose was built on five places viz. near Government distillery, Botanical garden, Orlayanpet, North Boulevard and Railway station in Pondicherry town. Major equipments such as trailer pump, mobile tanks etc. were added next year.

Quick Headlines View: August 14

Puducherry Flash News:

  • Two country bombs thrown at AIADMK activist in Vanarapet area on Wednesday, August 13.
  • On August 14, Communist parties to form human chain against nuclear deal.
  • JIPMER organised an awareness programme as part of the World Breastfeeding Week on August12.
  • The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) will launch various online courses for PhD, M Phil, MA and post-graduate diploma this week.
  • V Vaithilingam, minister for industries & power, said Ponduducherry govt to promote SEZs to boost industrial growth.
  • Two day conference on HIV/AIDS in Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute on August 15 and 16.
  • The Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting would be held on August 18 to take stock of the situation in politics and administration in the Union Territory.
  • More than 2,000 policemen will be deployed on security duty during the 61st Independence Day celebrations.
  • Chief Minister N. Rangasamy on Monday congratulated shooter Abhinav Bindra for winning the Gold Medal in Beijing Olympic Games.
  • The Bobby Fischer Chess Club, affiliated to the Pondicherry State Chess Association, is conducting an open chess tournament on August 16 and 17.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mile Stones of French Architecture

We all are familiar with the fact that our home town is popularly known as “Mini France”. It is because of the architectural design of our town. So it made me curious to search for the reasons that are behind this fact. So here are some interesting facts that make our city unique in the architectural design.
Pondicherry town in its earlier stage of development is said to have followed the pattern of bastide towns (Medival towns of South west France, bulit according to a geometrical plan) in France with a wall around the town and main gates (Madras Gate, Valudavur Gate) leading to the market. The rest of the area was divided into rectangular blocks on the same pattern of Montpazier in Southern France.

Another notable feature of Pondicherry is the “Quai” which is found in many french towns. Most of the french “Quais” are bulit along the rivers flowing through the town. In Pondicherrry, this has been achieved through the town. In Pondicherry, this has been achieved through the formation of two promenades called “Quai de Gingy” and “Quai de Ambour” on the either side of the grand canal both of which were once lined with shady trees.
The Place du Gouvernement in Pondicherry is a brilliant example of french planning squares. Although it cannot be compared to any of the squares in its scale, it still epitomises the basic principles of the classical French squares. Another important characteristic is that all the main public buliding are lined along this square. Thus, these are few of the notable architectural designs of our city and it make the city on par with France.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bindra wins Olympic gold, shoots into history

Abhinav Bindra won India's first-ever individual Olympic gold medal when he claimed the men's 10m Air Rifle shooting title here on Monday.

Athens Games champion Zhu Qinan of China won the silver and Henri Hakkinen of Finland took the bronze at the Beijing Shooting Hall on the outskirts of the Chinese capital.

Bindra, the 25-year-old businessman from Chandigarh, followed his world championship title two years ago to finally win a landmark gold medal for his country.

In one of the most thrilling shooting finals in Olympic history, Bindra overcame a two-point deficit against Hakkinen and one point against Zhu after the qualification rounds to annexe the title.

The Indian trumped his rivals with the best finish of 104.5 in the 10-shot final as he went into the last shot level with Hakkinen on 689.7 points.

While Bindra secured his best score of 10.8 in the deciding shot, Hakkinen managed only 9.7 to concede the silver to Zhu, whose last shot was 10.5.

Bindra finished with a combined tally of 700.5, a fair distance behind Zhu's Olympic record of 702.7 set in Athens.

Zhu came in with 699.7 this time and Hakkinen, a member of Finland's armed forces who is taking part in his first Olympics, scored 699.4 points.

India, winners of eight field hockey gold medals, had never won an individual Olympic title before Bindra's feat.

The previous best was trap shooter Rajyavardhan Rathore's silver at Athens, while there were bronze medals for wrestler Khasaba Jadhav (1952), tennis star Leander Paes (1996) and woman weightlifter Karnam Malleswari (2000).

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Transition from Kanaka Suburathinan to Bharathidasan

Kanaka Suburathinam, born on 29th April 1891, even as a child evinced a liking for Tamil Literature which was so ably nurtured by Bangaru Pathar, his school teacher and subsequently reinforced by Saram Periasamipillai, a renowned Tamil scholar. He began his career as a school teacher even before he was 18, in a primary school at Niravi. His contacts with Bharathi and other freedom fighters attracted him to the cause of Indian Nationalism.

The “Kadar Rattinapattu” was the result of his national zeal. Enveloped as he was by the reformist zeal of Bharathi he also defended the cause of the women’s freedom, attacked child marriages and advocated widow re-marriages. In due course he came to call himself as “Bharathidasan”.

Following the tradition set by Bharathi, he wrote in a simple elegant style and sought to liberate, as it were, Tamil poetry from the clutches of the pedantry and infused new life and verve into it. His poems inspired a new generation of young poets not only in Pondicherry but in the whole of TamilNadu. Among them, mention may be made of Vanidasan of Seliyamedu, a self-acknowledged disciple of Bharathidasan.

Thus Kanaka Suburathinam, inspired by Bharathi, followed his foot steps by adding flavor to the Tamil literature on his part.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Cultural Fresco of 20th Century Puducherry

Our territory is known for its literary values and the famous people who nurtured it. The city also excels itself in the fine arts. Many organizations dedicated themselves for the promotions of fine arts in the territory. This article gives information about some of the organizations that developed fine arts in the city.

The 20th century stands out as the period that gave birth to several associations devoted to the promotion of fine arts in the territory. Mention may be made of Societe Philharmonique de Pondicherry (1920), Vasoudevagana Sabai (1912), Krishna Gana Sabha (1940) and Mangala Gana Sabha (1943). The institutions were very often the progenies of one or more connoisseurs of art. Only some of these associations had a long lease of life. Most of them flourished for a few years and then they went defunct after sometime either due to the lack of resources or decline in the enthusiasm of their progenitors.

The Thiaga Bramha Saba started in 1946 was in receipt of financial assistance from the administration for several years to celebrate the Thyaga Bramha Aradhana in honor of Saint Thiagaraja. The opening of the radio Station in 1966 and the opening of the organization somewhat brightened the cultural atmosphere of the territory.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Students’ woe at Delayed BCA results by Pondicherry University

I have been always allergetic of exam results from my childhood until now. Like many other students out there, I was even more sensitively nervous before and after the exam results. But my response to delayed results is beyond my imagination (expected symptoms: rise in body temperature, extended fever, heavy headache, anger over authorities and teacher…list goes on).

Recently I found students experience delayed final year BCA results by Pondicherry University. The institute has announced its final date of application submission for MCA would be on July 26th and importantly none of the students have any idea of their marks and final year results. The university which has scholars and expets on various field should have known that it is impossible for a student to apply for a new course without knowing his current exam results. The institute has to consider the situation of the students who are in chaos of choosing new courses or aspiring for their future career.

Generally the academic year has almost started in colleges and schools of Puducherry. Delayed results not only risks students’ career but also affect the classes for the new academic session. The classes for the new academic session would also be delayed as the classes can begin only after the results are declared at any university. The main reason behind the delay is the lack of consensus between authorities and teachers over the evaluation process of the answer scripts.
I have contacted few students regarding this issue and came to know that the HOD (Head of the Department) of MCA was kind enough to extend the application submission date upto the end of August. A section of students feel that “those who lost PEC have lost one year”.

In the mean time, exams results were announced on July 30 with no perfection (many witnessed erroneous results). One of the students exclaimed, “The exams which we wrote came absent... Which we had not attended or applied for, come with absent. The fact is we have already passed out those papers.”
Yet another student said “We are only announced results, not Mark list, which is what asked in colleges while admission...I think it will take one more month for issuing it... I am not sure about it. And I don't know how many errors there will be in our mark list too, and if at all there is, How many months they will take to correct it and we don't know where to vent our anger!!!”

Some of the students are worried of the act of university with lack of care and awareness. Their voice meant more than what they shared to me. And their eyes transmitted “They are playing with our lives.”

I do believe the university is working hard on giving quality results and render 100% standard education. But at the same time, they have to understand the timely decisions and effective implementation of academic plans matters a lot to a student’s life and his career. Thanks to those who rescheduled the last application submission date. As we advice students arrears and reattempt are not good, we must also ensure rescheduling the last date, rescheduling the exams, and reevaluating the erroneous results. Behalf of all college students (involved in this), I request Pondicherry university to take necessary steps to distribute the mark lists as soon as possible.