Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Cultural Fresco of 20th Century Puducherry

Our territory is known for its literary values and the famous people who nurtured it. The city also excels itself in the fine arts. Many organizations dedicated themselves for the promotions of fine arts in the territory. This article gives information about some of the organizations that developed fine arts in the city.

The 20th century stands out as the period that gave birth to several associations devoted to the promotion of fine arts in the territory. Mention may be made of Societe Philharmonique de Pondicherry (1920), Vasoudevagana Sabai (1912), Krishna Gana Sabha (1940) and Mangala Gana Sabha (1943). The institutions were very often the progenies of one or more connoisseurs of art. Only some of these associations had a long lease of life. Most of them flourished for a few years and then they went defunct after sometime either due to the lack of resources or decline in the enthusiasm of their progenitors.

The Thiaga Bramha Saba started in 1946 was in receipt of financial assistance from the administration for several years to celebrate the Thyaga Bramha Aradhana in honor of Saint Thiagaraja. The opening of the radio Station in 1966 and the opening of the organization somewhat brightened the cultural atmosphere of the territory.

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