Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Cipahi Company & Pondicherry Armed Police

The Pondicherry armed police may be described as the continuation of the Cipahi Company of the French days. The Cipahi company, prior to the merger, consists of 283 men of all ranks including technicians such as masons, carpenters, musicians, cobblers, electricians, cooks, etc. The strength of this company gradually dwindled on the account of retirement, death, resignation, etc. The strength came down to 145 in 1960, 117 in 1962 and nil in 1969. It wound up in 1970 by absorbing the remaining strength in Police force.
Soon after the merger, one company of the Malabar Special Police was brought and stationed in the territory to perform the duties of the Cipahi Company. It was decided to organize the Pondicherry armed Police by gradually replacing the Cipahi Company in the territory. According to the first batch of the Pondicherry armed Police consisting of the five jamendars, 145 police constables and four followers was formed in the year 1956 and was trained by the instructors drawn from the Malabar special police. The Malabar special police stationed in the territory was withdrawn with the effect from 31st January 1967 and replaced by the Pondicherry armed police.
The Pondicherry armed police which assisted the local police in maintaining law and order in times of emergency and disturbances, attended to guard duties and special security duties until the Central reserve police took over the functions with the effect from 24th May 1969. So, I am very glad to say you all know about the changes that occurred from the Cipahi Company to Pondicherry armed Police through my blog.

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