Monday, August 18, 2008

Interesting Facts on an Age-old Social Organization in Puducherry

The Societe Progressiste de l’Inde Francaise was started on 2nd March 1880 for the avowed purpose of popularizing the French Language and culture. It played an important role in educational advancements. It was through the efforts of this Societe that the upper primary education and teacher training courses were introduced in Calve College. It made some monetary contributions to the educational projects sponsored by the administration. A school was also opened in its premises. Scholarships were awarded to the deserving students for pursuing their studies.

In 1904, the school had to be closed down for the want of resources. However it was reopened in 1921, thanks to the donation of Rs.5000 given by T.S.N. Nannaya Bagavathar, a leading merchant of the town. The Societe utilized the income derived from the investment of about 30,000 and the rent from a building owned by it for carrying on its activities. An executive committee managed the accounts of this Societe.

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