Monday, June 16, 2008

What’s Special in ADLABS Jeevan Rukmani?

ADLABS is one of the largest entertainment conglomerate in the country which has made its footprints in Puducherry by acquiring Jeevan Rukmani theatre in Kamaraj salai. Though the talk of the town is Dasavathaaram, I see most of the folks amused by the opening of Adlabs on June 13, 2008. I can’t hide the fact that people are more surprised by ADLABS Jeevan Rukmani than petrol hike or Autorickshaw fare hike. Even Chief Minister N Rangasamy along with R Siva, chairperson of Puducherry Municipality B Sridevi and Municipal councillor Sakthivel enjoyed the movie for more than half an hour after the inauguration.

“What’s special in Adlabs” is the question that knocks me every time when someone gossips about which is instigated by the Kamal Hassan or Dasavathaaram. Bearing the thought of demolished Anandha Theatre, I envisaged Adlabs a super duper theatre ever in Pondicherry. And fortunately I hadn’t been disappointed by the infrastructure, grandeur of the build, screen clarity, hot and spicy snacks, flashy light effects and coolest omnipresent room air conditioners. I personally went and took photographs in possible directions.

I saw an exceptionally newer thing in the entrance of the theatre, securities were checking each and every ticket holders…what's new in it?) But to my surprise they were checking for cigarettes and other unusual material. We need to appreciate the idea…there is no smoking inside the theatre, no electronic items except cell phones and (words from BIG fm) No black tickets. Wow that’s a great thing. I can’t believe the words “No black tickets” yet I swallowed the thought and decided to search for any black ticket sellers…most often children not more than 20 years and women of less than 35 years would be black ticketers.

Not after a long search I found a man in twenties selling tickets illegally that too in the gates of the theatre where two policemen braving for any security threats. Since it was around 11.45 a.m. people started bouncing for tickets around the rounded necked T-shirt man. A police man came across the crowd without leaving a single sign of noticing that black ticketer. I approached the tall red hated police man and said “People said there won’t be any black ticket in Adlabs but here guys are hauling like anything”

I guessed he is gentle and would be so gentle in answer, “Where they sell black tickets? I don’t find anything like that.” He asked show me the place as if it is 100 meters away. I just pointed to him some 10 feet away a guy and showed the crowd. I was expecting a typical police man action…taking the man by colar… the person immediately replied me “actually I am not policing this area” and murmured some words which I couldn’t hear as he moved rapidly away from me and crossed the road to join another fellow policeman.

This time I told to myself, is this A TYPICAL POLICEMAN ACTION? Without a word I sighed at the gorgeous ADLABS banner and raised my bike to home.


DKey said...

Quite funny!! What would have more funnier is a youtube video of both the policemen and the blackticketer side by side. I bet you can shoot one !

Mohanraj Thangarsu said...

Hi Dkey!

I would promise you, next time you can find a youtube video here if I had one such situation again.

youngsters said...

i heard dat the sound effect in adlabs is not that it true

Joseph said...

Its a great thing about this theatre, no cigars that too in puducherry, really wonderous thing! This must be appreciated...

Mohanraj Thangarasu said...

Sound effect is no different than RAMAN theatre. Apart from this there are other feature you need to notice, small screen almost like MAYAJAL, one popcorn 30 and 40 rupees, a puff 15 rupees, and same normal chairs (seats).

The tragedy is not even a biscuit packet should be taken from outside.

Their slogan is "Buy and buy only from ADLABS."