Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Way Back to the History of Mudaliarpettai : Metamorphosis of Puducherry

Our sweet home town, Pondicherry, is the best as it has all the comforts and the best infrastructure. Do you people know about its metamorphosis? Time has never failed to lay its hand on Puducherry too and changes are always unavoidable. Different administration changes that merged various villages to town have turned out to be Puducherry. Let us travel back to the 1960’s…

The 1961 census counted 388 villages, spread over in all four regions of the territory, apart from the four towns of Pondy, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam. However, for the purpose of revenue administration the division into 96 villages took place.

In the course of ten years starting from 1961 to 1971 almost the entire rural complex of Mudaliarpettai commune covering 18 villages except Kuppam and Pappanchavadi had developed urban characteristics so that the whole commune came to be treated as a town.

Similarly 16 out of 49 villages in ozukarai commune had developed urban characteristics to give shape to the new town of Ozukarai. Thus the new towns of ozukarai and Mudaliarpettai (also known Mudaliarpet) emerged only after the 1971 census.

During the same period, all the 20 villages of Pondicherry commune had developed urban characteristics to merge with the Pondicherry town and correspondingly the number of census villages in the territory declined from 388 to 334.

In another important development, the whole of Mudaliarpettai commune was merged with Pondicherry commune for the purposes of municipal administration. Hence, the demarcated towns were merged for the purposes of municipal administration. Thus, the changes make our home town more beautiful and comfortable.

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