Sunday, August 3, 2008

Students’ woe at Delayed BCA results by Pondicherry University

I have been always allergetic of exam results from my childhood until now. Like many other students out there, I was even more sensitively nervous before and after the exam results. But my response to delayed results is beyond my imagination (expected symptoms: rise in body temperature, extended fever, heavy headache, anger over authorities and teacher…list goes on).

Recently I found students experience delayed final year BCA results by Pondicherry University. The institute has announced its final date of application submission for MCA would be on July 26th and importantly none of the students have any idea of their marks and final year results. The university which has scholars and expets on various field should have known that it is impossible for a student to apply for a new course without knowing his current exam results. The institute has to consider the situation of the students who are in chaos of choosing new courses or aspiring for their future career.

Generally the academic year has almost started in colleges and schools of Puducherry. Delayed results not only risks students’ career but also affect the classes for the new academic session. The classes for the new academic session would also be delayed as the classes can begin only after the results are declared at any university. The main reason behind the delay is the lack of consensus between authorities and teachers over the evaluation process of the answer scripts.
I have contacted few students regarding this issue and came to know that the HOD (Head of the Department) of MCA was kind enough to extend the application submission date upto the end of August. A section of students feel that “those who lost PEC have lost one year”.

In the mean time, exams results were announced on July 30 with no perfection (many witnessed erroneous results). One of the students exclaimed, “The exams which we wrote came absent... Which we had not attended or applied for, come with absent. The fact is we have already passed out those papers.”
Yet another student said “We are only announced results, not Mark list, which is what asked in colleges while admission...I think it will take one more month for issuing it... I am not sure about it. And I don't know how many errors there will be in our mark list too, and if at all there is, How many months they will take to correct it and we don't know where to vent our anger!!!”

Some of the students are worried of the act of university with lack of care and awareness. Their voice meant more than what they shared to me. And their eyes transmitted “They are playing with our lives.”

I do believe the university is working hard on giving quality results and render 100% standard education. But at the same time, they have to understand the timely decisions and effective implementation of academic plans matters a lot to a student’s life and his career. Thanks to those who rescheduled the last application submission date. As we advice students arrears and reattempt are not good, we must also ensure rescheduling the last date, rescheduling the exams, and reevaluating the erroneous results. Behalf of all college students (involved in this), I request Pondicherry university to take necessary steps to distribute the mark lists as soon as possible.


Student said...

Great Post! Thanks Mohan, let's hope the voice is heard by those responsible for these.

Jayarathina Madharasan said...

Thanks for your wonderful post!
I hope steps like these will make a huge difference in students life!

Mohanraj Thangarasu said...

Hi Madharasan, thanks for your comment. Lets expect those authorities take necessary steps on this issue.

naanaga nan illai said...

The exams which we wrote came absent... Which we had not attended or applied for, come with absent..

Ofcourse it s 100% too facing the same problem.. rit now im working in chennai and i was 2007 batch. But till now im unable to get the corrected mark statement. I took leave many days and went to PU to get ma certificate.But those idiots in PU
are making me to run around a circle for more than 5 months. Still my letter is in same desk with whom i seen b4 march. The management is worst than any other part of the globe think soo. Some one did the mistake(exam wing) but i became the victim and facing punishment for their blunder..