Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Shopping Culture in Puducherry!

Puducherry is just booming with new-comers in all the fields. One such field is the flourishing Supermarkets, Cost Price shops or whatever name we give them.
Before some years, I use to wonder at my Mom and Dad about the budget plan they use to make on every end of the month. My mom reads out a big list of items needed for the whole month, whereas, my dad calculates the money for all the items. He takes with him two huge bags and rushes to the nearby grocery shop with the list and after a very big struggle for 2 hours, he returns home with the filled in bags. My Mom’s face shrinks a little because of the low quality product for which she fears that it would affect our health. But, a drastic change had occurred nowadays in my home. There is no list making nowadays, my Mom gets money from my Dad and hires an auto rickshaw nearby my home to the super market and returns within a few minutes with the very good quality products. I’m just awestruck and jumped out of my chair and enquired Mom about this new wonder at my home, and she explained me about the Supermarket. Out of interest, I myself went down town to get the glimpse of the Supermarkets in and around Puducherry. Gone are the days, we wait nearby the Petty-shops and grocery shops to buy groceries. Now, in my own experience to the Supermarkets that gives a relaxed shopping experience is just highlighted in my blog on Supermarkets.
Puducherry has the most popular shopping malls such as Nilgiris, Spencer’s Daily, Vijayaganapathey Stores, Aditya Birla Retail Limited and much more. The Supermarkets gives all the women a stress-free shopping experience in a closet where they could afford a wide variety of things under one roof. We need not wander about for each and every item that’s needed for our daily use, now we could easily get everything we need in the Supermarkets. Starting from a Vegetable to the Cookeries, we could get all the varieties from the Supermarkets.
The super markets also offer discounts on wholesale and retail purchases. The customer service team is excellent in all the Supermarkets; they are customer- friendly and helps us during our purchase. Super markets are not only meant for the home-makers and the women who heads the family, but it is available for everyone. Young girls too prefer these shops to buy Cosmetics and gift items; they get a nice place to chit-chat with their friends and also buy the things they need. Kids are very much interested in going around the mall and they love watching the colorful packs which is arranged in the racks and they like the trolleys which they watch like a wondrous thing, they drag the trolleys here and there and make a wide noise in these shops. It’s a good entertainment during our shopping. Refreshments like Ice- creams, Fruit juices and Pop- corns are also available to refresh us after shopping.
Many such super markets are mushrooming in Puducherry. N.Vaithianathan, spokesperson for Retail Smart Enterprises, the franchisee holder for Nilgiris says that they assessed areas such as Lawspet, Thattanchavady, Nellithope and Reddiarpalayam, and decided to cater the customers there by forming new Supermarkets over there, who, till now, had to travel to the city for their purchases.
Do you know the motto of the Supermarkets, yes, it is this, “Shop with us and get a great experience of comfort”. Are you still bargaining with the vegetable vendors and in the grocery shops, just stop and shop in the Supermarkets with fewer burden. Have a wonderful shopping experience in Puducherry!