Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wearing Helmets has become Compulsory in Puducherry from July 1

Traffic Police Department of Puducherry has announced that two-wheeler riders should wear helmets for their safety and to avoid major damage in the case of accidents. Wearing helmets has become compulsory in Puducherry from July 1, 2008. (Pardon me if I remember the same July 1, 2007, TN Govt implement the rule).

Superintendent of Police (Traffic) S. Kuppusamy reported Hindu Daily “Director General of Police A.S. Khan has directed the traffic police department to make helmet wearing compulsory. He has given the order as per powers vested under section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988”.
At the end of the news report it is said that “The proposal was still pending with the government, he said adding that they had decided to go ahead with the implementation as the Law Department had given its approval. Cases would be booked against those defying the order, he said.

Despite the fact that I wonder how police can go ahead with government approval, I am not sure why the department hasn’t given enough time for the public to intake the new rule. While questioned about this S. Kuppusamy added “as per the MV Act every two-wheeler rider has to wear helmet”.

I agree “Helmet saves life” but we also need to ponder over some practical problems when you ride with helmet.

  1. Difficulty in hearing horn sound,
  2. Unable to see people who ride beside,
  3. Unable to view the riders face at any life threatening situations
  4. Night time riding would be hectic with helmet
  5. Less quality helmet would be a disaster than a life saver.

Since puducherry has criss-cross streets and small roads, there are more possibilities of not see the co riders who come beside or behind you. This new rule would be useful to the public until people have enough acquaintance and skill in helmet-riding.

We should all be happy since Puducherry government haven’t said the back seaters should wear helmets like DMK Government in Tamilnadu.

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