Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ban on Neckties in Puducherry Primary Schools

Puducherry Directorate of School Education banned wearing neckties by children in all primary schools in Puducherry. G Ragesh Chandra, Director of Education , issued a circular to all institutions here to make the ban effect immediately.

Story behind the order:

The order follows a report the directorate received from the Centrally administered JIPMER that wearing of neckties would result in children running the risk of having breathing problems and at times even leading to suffociation.

It was a medical officer at the Rural Health Centre of JIPMER at Ramanathapuram who wrote to the head of department, preventive and social medicine, JIPMER, after noticing that a child received at the centre with breathing problems was wearing a very tightly knotted tie. He immediately loosened it, making the child feel better.

This served as an eye opener and the Department sent a report through the Director of the institute, recommending dispensing of neckties by the children. It was also felt that neckties were not suitable for hot climates.

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