Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Facts on the All India Radio OF Puducherry

The Pondicherry station of all India Radio (of 1 KW strength) was commissioned on 23rd September 1967.it is a full fledged program originating station, headed by a station director. While the studios are situated on the Cours Chabrol, the transmitter and the receiving center are located at a distance of 6 km and 8 km from the studios respectively. The station operates on a frequency of 1060 KHz.

Beginning with only one transmission in the evenings, the Pondicherry radio station was expanded to put out three transmissions for a total duration of 9 hrs. Of this, like the other stations in the South, more than 6 hrs were accounted for transmitting programs like talks, discussions, interviews, plays, features, classical music, folk and traditional music, devotional songs, film songs, programs for women, children and youth. For the benefits of agriculturists in the coverage area, the station relays “Uzavar Ulagam” program from Thiruchirappali on six days week and also gives a thirty five minute program entitled “Thoppum Thuravum”, once a week, is also broadcasted. A half an hour program in French is also relayed three days a week.

The station’s news unit which started functioning in May 1970 puts out a daily five minutes Regional News Bulletin in Tamil, fifteen minutes weekly news reel and also five minutes newsletter are transmitted. The programs of Pondicherry station can be normally heard within a range of 65 kilometers. Although during the fine weather, the station would be audible as far as Madras in the north and Karaikal in the south. The radio stations Thiruchirappalli, Kozhikode and Vijayawada serve the regions of Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam.

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