Monday, June 23, 2008

Sizzling Rainbow Fm launch in Puducherry after hot summer

Music rules each and every ear in Puducherry through this new Fm Rainbow. Rainbow is the symbol of Joy and surprise. Here comes the wondrous surprise in Puducherry through this Rainbow Fm channel which was launched recently. My new mobile just bangs with this Fm, my earphones melts in this non-stop entertainment and info gallery. “Everything for all” is the spell of this Fm Rainbow, Puduvai which is owned by All India Radio. This FM is set on air on 102.8 mega hertz. Our honorable chief minister N.Rangaswamy launched the channel on Saturday at 6 p.m and the function was presided over by Chief executive officer of Prasar Bharathi B.S.Lalli. This channel transmits for 17 hours from Morning 6 O’clock everyday.

Station Director of Puducherry AIR, Kalani Ramachandran was much excited and thrilled during this launch. She says that Rainbow is not only for entertainment purpose but should fulfill the needs of all sorts of people.

“Fm Rainbow is an entertainment channel of the AIR, totally different in terms of its content and presentation. However, as public broadcaster, Rainbow will not compromise on quality for the sake of entertainment. The interests of the individuals and welfare of the society will be kept in mind in all aspects of the broadcast. In short, infotainment is the forte of our programmes”, she said with a great confidence.

She also added that, “Rainbow is especially concerned about children, youth, women, illiterate and rural population, as they are the vulnerable sections of our population. A judicious combination of entertainment and information will certainly enlighten the target audience”.
All the programmes aired in this channel are very much special when compared with others. They all carry info to the public. One particular programme to all the age groups is “Vaanavil” (Rainbow)which offer a great opportunity to youngsters to enjoy the classic songs of yesteryears in various Indian languages and also takes the middle-aged and the old-aged people to their golden past.
Station Engineer P.Geetha Rani speaks in a satisfactory tone in the Fm launching. Having made a modest start, the channel broadcasts through 3 KW transmitter powered from Chennai station would cover Puducherry and Parts of Cuddalore, Villupuram and Thiruvannamalai districts, After six months a 10 KW transmitter would be installed and its would cover more areas, says Geetha with a confidential note.

Programme Executive G.Swaminathan says that “We are striving to present a quality product to the listeners, right from advertisements to voice modulation”.

There is new job opportunity for the youngsters in Puducherry, This Fm Rainbow would showcase the young talents in Puducherry by providing a good career start for the modern youngsters to become radio jockeys. Most of the programmes are live phone-in interactions and so sound listeners wishing to participate in the programmes can call 0413-2271660 or 2271770.

A Colourful Rainbow has come to paint all our lives with a blend of entertaining tools. Come on, let’s blast with Fun!


suggy said...

hi i thought of joining FM rainbow what is the address to which i shall send my resume plz reply i'm waiting for it

Puducherryfans said...

Rainbow FM is owned by All India Radio, Puducherry.

You can go to the following address and submit your resume.

AIR, Indira Nagar,Puducherry - 605 006