Saturday, June 14, 2008

Educational FM Channel by Pondicherry University

Days are gone for the old radio stations by the micro and macro Fm stations around Pondicherry. I can’t escape a day from my mom’s favorite BIG FM yet she would flip through Suryan FM, Rainbow FM, and Nila Fm. Now Pondicherry University is filling the space of educational Fm channel in Puducherry. If you tune into FM 107.8, you will listen to Pondicherry University's educational broadcasts in another two months.

Vice-Chancellor of the university, J.A.K.Tareen told to Newindpress that “Through the channel, the university had plans to provide educational and learning resources to students and public in Puducherry”.

He also added steps were taken to prepare audio based lessons for students, innovative radio programmes for locals regarding health, business, cultural relations and competence, and other interactive fun filled educational programmes with Public.

Intially the station will broadcast programmes in Tamil, English and French for 3 to 4 hours in the forenoon and would repeat them in the afternoon. University faculties, students and other affiliated institutions will take part in the programme. This innovative step taken by Pondicherry university should be appreciated and hopefully the Fm would entertain the scholarly and knowledge crowds.

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