Tuesday, April 29, 2008

‘Prayer for Peace’ held in Puducherry by Tibetan Monks:

On Thursday 24th April, The Tibetan Solidarity Committee(TSC) from Karnataka held a prayer meeting in Puducherry, nearby Mahatma Gandhi statue on the beach road. A group of 50 monks associated with the Committee chanted prayers, by holding candles in hands for more than a couple of hours from 5 pm. This prayer was held as an appeal to the United Nations and the International Community to inquire the ongoing restless civil condition in Tibet.

The group also raised slogans and banners carrying the quote “persecution of Innocent”( Tibetans should be stopped immediately). The Committee urged for the release of all those imprisoned in Tibet and must be given medical assistance to the injured, after the restless condition.

I guess the Tibetan monks would have thought the spiritual gravity of Puducherry would help their cause of peaceful Tibet to organize their prayer meeting in Puducherry. I strongly believe none of the selfless prayers are unheared by GOD.

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