Monday, April 28, 2008

Puducherry International Yoga Festival Ad Campaigns

Great Yoga postures! Excellent casual poses by Yogis and Yoginis. Government of Pondicherry has been conducting various colorful festivals throughout the year on several occasions. International yoga Festival is held by Puducherry Government since 1993, almost for 18 years, which is considered one of the famous festival celebrated in Pondicherry that embark the tradition as well as Puducherry.

Generally in the first week of January (4th Jan – 7th Jan) the festival is celebrated attracting people from not only from India but from all over the world. These pictures are used for the campaign made by JWT India for The International Yoga Festival January 2008. The campaign impressed many and turned head who haven't gave a try to yoga.

The main aim of this International Yoga Festival in Puducherry is to spread the awareness among the young generations the usefulness of practicing yoga. Actually to say, I was out of station on the particular occasion so I couldn’t have the chance of participating in the yoga program. Let me fix some nice well- planned schedule for January 2009...hope I never miss this beautiful festival again next year. Let me catch you guys there!

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FM Rainbow, Pondicherry

Government of India's FM Rainbow of All India Radio is new in Pondicherry to satisfy all listeners without any bias. In the inauagural function it was announced that the motto of the Govt radio would be as " yellarukkum yellamundu". But without any reason recently the motto has been changed to " yellame hit than " which is not relished by the listeners. When contacted the Director of the station for the reason no convincing reply was given. She said " Why ? this is also good ". Would any one who is genuinely interested in the Radio please take up the issue and revert the oled title ?