Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Curb Poachers to Enjoy the Beauty of Birds

Pondicherry is emerging as a sanctuary for nearly 50 species of migrant birds from southern states. Pondicherry has also become a transit point for flamingos that travel from Gujarat to Sri Lanka in order to mingle with lakhs of their own species. The Ousteri Lake and the Bahur Lake houses all these winged visitors. But these birds are now under the serious threat of poaching as the Narikoravas and some land less people use catapults, country made guns and nets to kill or trap the birds.

This has become a great concern for bird lovers, ornithologists and personnel of the Forest and Wildlife Department. In order to curb this mindless poaching efforts are on to help the Narikoravas and the landless people to switch over to some job. The revenue department has been asked not to give new gun licenses and not to renew the old one to those who indulge in hunting. The process of training the educated unemployed youth will also serve in enlightening these sorts of people.

The wild life and the forest department have also taken steps to attract more birds, create public awareness and promote eco-tourism in and around these two lakes. Hence, curbing the poachers will lead to the retention of more varieties of birds thus promoting the tourism.

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