Sunday, November 30, 2008

Plethora of Birds at Ousteri Lake & Bahur Lake

It’s really a feast for our eyes at the Ousteri Lake and the Bahur Lake as they are nurturing a plethora of birds in them. The various varieties of birds are so beautiful and they attract more number of tourists from in and around the union territory.

The Bahur Lake welcomes lots of “cattle egrets” during the peak period of paddy cultivation. The “waders” occupy the area when the water rises and when the water recedes the “filter-feeders” living on zooplanktons crowds the lake. But the Ousteri Lake acts as sanctuary for many varieties of birds through out the year. The frequently seen species are Spotbill ducks, little egrets, large egrets, pond herons, grey herons, reef herons, shovellers, darters, cormorants, pinteal ducks, common coots and kingfishers.

Openbill storks, painted storks, pelicans, flamingos, pheasant-tailed jacanas, spoonbills are among the species that visit these two lakes during the August – December period seeking food, shelter and an ideal place for breeding.

Measures such as creating more islets in the lake, planting babul trees and also two varieties of fast growing bamboos are taken in order to provide the necessary cover and shelter for the birds. The officials of the department have also planned for a boat shaped watchtower with its lower deck housing an interaction center having various informative exhibits, besides highlighting the importance of protecting the eco-system. On the top floor, a telescope would be installed to enable the visitors to watch the birds more closely. Hence, we can soon expect beautiful bird sanctuaries at our home town with all facilities along with the proper security from the poachers.

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