Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marching Towards Zero Dropout Rates in Schools by 2012

It’s indeed a great pleasure to announce that our union territory has achieved zero dropout rates at the primary school level last year. The steps don’t stop with this result and its marching towards the next level. The goals are all set to curb the student drop out rate in the middle school level. The plan to achieve the zero dropout rates by the year 2012 are chalked out and they are in the fast progress. We can also shook our collars that out home town has ranked on par with Kerala for achieving the zero drop out rates at the primary school level. The measures which are in the quick implementation have reduced the dropout rates from 10% to 2.39 %.

The Government is taking measures to reduce the drop out rates by assuring seats at the higher secondary level. The mid day meals and the incentive scheme up to standard 12 have also supplemented a lot for the retention process. The students are also provided with the free accessories such as uniforms, text books, footwear, stationary items, dictionary, raincoats and bicycles. These features reduce the parental burden and curb their hesitation to send the children to school, thus decreasing the drop out rates.

The bringing back of the dropouts through the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, the three to six months training courses to bridge the gap when the dropouts are mainstreamed, reaching out to children of nomadic tribes and migratory tribes, starting exclusive schools in their habitation and solving problems through counseling or special coaching are the forth coming plans to increase the literacy rate and thus we can strongly hope that our government will surely curb the problem of student dropouts from the schools.

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