Friday, May 23, 2008

Feast with Us in Sacred Heart of Jesus Church Puducherry

Where shall we gang and dine this summer month? Here comes another rejoicement to the souls who hang in and around the streets of Puducherry. Puducherrians and the tourists are brimming with joy and wonder. I know you people are a bit confused and also expecting with much eagerness, what's new or special in Pondicherry. Ok now let me break the ice.

The inaugural function of centenary celebrations of the “Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus” in Puducherry opens on May 23rd with the hoisting of a flag. This celebration extends and ends by June 21, 2008. The significant feature of the occasion is the releasing of a special Cover.

The parish priest Rev. Fr. A. Thomas is overwhelmed with joy and shared the growth and history of the age-old church. He said that the church was started in 1908 and the Gothic style of the church was constructed and completed by 1909. This is a very long process as the foundation was said in 1902 and was finished by the year 1909. He also added that flag will be unfurled, when the Holy communion on May 23. Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, evening prayer, benediction and car procession are the various occasion in the Novena.

The Scared Heart Feast is expected to be celebrated on May 30. After the releasing of special cover, the Eucharistic procession would start and a chain of celebrations would continue. Following the Mother Mary’s Feast on May 3, a Parochial Feast will be conducted on June 1st.

There is no such celebrations in Puducherry will end with enjoyment, it extends its warm hands to help others. So, a joint effort of the Parish authorities and the Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Science and Research (JIPMER) will conduct of the feast.

The feast is open for all, so come let’s join them and blast out with fun!!!

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