Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hot, Hotter, Hottest

The scorching sun is piercing and peeling out my skin through its red-hot rays, I’m just struggling to free myself and beat the heat in this summer. Are you the person who is chanting this as a mantra in this hot summer? Here, I have a few tips and suggestions in my hands to give you all guys.

Dehydration, fatigue, skin-rashes and muscle cramps are the common problems we face in summer. To escape from these strangers, we need to do certain tricks. We must consume large amount of water and also fruits. Fresh fruit juices such as cucumber juice, carrot and lemon would doze off of our body heat. Being in the coastal area, we follow a protective mechanism. Puducherry is in the coast, the people are not commonly affected by heat strokes as the sweat comes out as a recycling process, it acts as a protector. Whereas, the North Indian people suffer from the problem as they do not have the protecting method. They usually complain about the extreme fatigue and muscular cramps.

One significant problem in summer is the rashes and boils that occurs in the skin, especially in small children and the old-aged people. Their intake of water and fruits must be increased. Some of the expert doctors say that a tender coconut in the morning and in the noon may keep away the body heat and the heat exhaustion. We must also avoid going out in the peak hours from 12 noon to 4p.m., the blazing uv rays from the sun would create heat cramps and rashes on the skin.

The gastrointestinal disorders are also prevalent during summer. We must be very choosy in our food habits and must consume hygienic food and water. Wearing loose-fitting cotton clothes would be a comfort in this hot weather. Continuously take in the fluids and fruits which can dump the heat and protect you from this hot summer. By following these simple remedy measures we could keep ourselves cool and fresh.

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