Monday, May 19, 2008

Heritage Hotel in Puducherry Honored by Relais

Did you ever have an emotion or a thought that you knew was important but that you could not quite put into words? Dilip Kapur is in this mood. Well, I know that you people are wondering why am I talking about this new personality. Yes, it’s really an amazing experience for me to proudly introduce Mr. Dilip Kapur and his achievements to you all.

Puducherry is a peaceful wonder in this world. Our Puducherry is well-known for its Hospitality and Royality that the tourists experience here. This credit is dedicated to the heritage hotels and the resorts for their efforts and love to the visitors. One of the prominent heritage hotels in Puducherry is “Le Dupleix”, and Dilip Kapur is the President of this hotel. Dilip is in high spirits because Le Dupleix has received “Badge of Excellence” from Relais Chateaux, a voluntary association of luxury hotels based in France.

It’s again a diamond-studded crown for Le Dupleix. Year by year, their achievement heads the sky. Last year, the heritage hotel is one of the nominees in the best hotels selection conducted by the Times London. Le Dupleix was selected as one of the 12 best hotels in India last year. “It’s an honor for the quality, ambience and excellence. It’s one of the three hotels recognized by Relais in India”, said Dilip Kapur in the joyous mood.

Relais Chateaux website quotes the beauty and heritage of Le Dupleix,

Dupleix is one of the oldest and most magnificent French colonial style villas. The remarkable carved pillars and ceilings, commissioned by the Governor and Nawab, Marquis Joseph Francois Dupleix, are an outstanding example of architecture that intelligently combines Indian and French art. Each room has a unique character bathed in the agreeable scent of the omnipresent Burmese teak. As for the cuisine, it features local produce and spices”.

Le Dupleix is not only a heritage, but also a lavish style of architect. The efforts and achievements are still ongoing and they had also signed up with the club of hotels recognized by Relais. Dilip Kapur says that it may increase the services at Dupleix. He also added that, we would send our staffs and chefs to the training organized by Relais team. They would conduct periodic inspections at Dupleix and would lend their supporting hands to enhance the quality of Le Dupliex. ‘Best works yields better result’ is the motto of Le Dupleix, which adds and acquires victories to this heritage hotel.

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