Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now You Can Become A Journo From Puducherry!

Now you don’t need to eye on big institutes in the capital and other metros to become a Journo. You can just do it staying in Puducherry.

Keeping in line with the enormous growth and opportunities in the field of Media, the Pondicherry University will introduce a Postgraduate course in Mass Communication from this year. It will now offer an M.A. in Mass Communication, the admission process for which will be open till mid-June.

“The university has introduced the two courses considering the growth of activities in Journalism and Mass Communication, Television and Radio channels in Puducherry, other parts of India and the world,” A. Balasubramanian, Director of Culture and Cultural Relations of the University, said. He added,
“The students will work on live projects. They will have to release Lab Journals, Campus News and Bulletins. The course prepares the students to acquire skills and enable them to work in the areas ranging from Reporting, Editing to Public Relations,Advertising, Video Productions to Web Casting”.

With the intake of 20 students this year M.A. in Mass communication will start its journey this year. The “brand name” stigma in the hearts of wannabe journos to study in branded institutes like Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Asian College of Journalism, etc, will always be there as in any other professional discipline. But, it has only a little to do with in this discipline. Once your stories, articles, reports, photos are published and impressive, you can create your own brand in the field. The job of an institute for a wannabe journo is that it should give a gate pass to enter. Pondicherry University’s M.A. Mass communication can very well do that. Journey of journos begins from Puducherry!

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