Thursday, May 15, 2008

Will Nov. 1 be a Liberation Day of Puducherry? Oh We Miss the Past!

Until or unless I had read a news, I would have not known what is what in the history of Puducherry. Recently I came to November 1st is our liberation day of Puducherry. I promise I know not this ever before.

The Federation of People of Puducherry Origin has insisted that the government should announce November 1 as a public holiday each year to emphasize the 'historic event' of joining Puducherry with the Indian Union in 1954. Actually it was in this year that Puducherry became free from French rule.
The second annual convention of the Federation took certain worthy to notice resolutions like November 1 as public holiday (liberation or merger day of Puducherry), priority in education and employment opportunities for people of Puducherry origin, House site pattas to ex-servicemen & freedom fighters.

Apart from all these resolutions, they demanded the most valuable and timely plea: Inclusion of the history of Puducherry in the school syllabus. None of the Puducherrians will object if I say none of us either knew the complete history of Puducherry or the sociological (or) cultural background of Puducherry.

We are familiar with beach and park but (generously) no matter if we forget about the history. Neither my school nor my family taught me the history or said a story of freedom of Puducherry. My dad didn’t say a word about the history of Pondicherry since his teachers didn’t say a word. Lets first start with the school!

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Bharathi said...

Its a commendable effort from a proud pondicherrian. Its shameful to say that you are from a place without knowing its history. Lets hope atleast the next generation of pondicherrians will know it.